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Unveiling Our New Digital Presence: A Look at Our Website and App Launch

Updated: May 17

We are thrilled to announce that Shepherd of Egypt has launched our new website. It is the same website as previous address 

There will be many exciting and user-friendly features on both the website and the app.

Features include;

  • Registered donor - donation history download (coming soon)

  • Online event calendar 

  • Live contact and support 

  • Community chat groups 

  • Online Event ticket purchases 

  • Critical Case updates live from Shepherd of Egypt Team

  • News and publications 

  • Sponsorship and Community Support Publications  

  • Photo and media Gallery 

  • Helping Hands Volunteer Mission

  • Volunteer opportunities 

  • Sponsorship Packages

  • Online live donation page

We are also in the process of launching a website app which you can download on your mobile phone. 

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