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Here at Shepherd of Egypt, our commitment is to help those who are the most vulnerable in our society. We strive to create a world where all people, regardless of their background or circumstance, are able to live with dignity and hope. Our projects range from educational and healthcare initiatives to providing relief in times of crisis. We work tirelessly to ensure that our support reaches every corner of the communities we serve, and we are grateful for any support we receive in this endeavour. Please join us in the fight for a better tomorrow.

Housing Development Program

Housing in the poorer areas of Egypt has always been a big issue as many people live in the most basic of shelters or slums. SoE believes that every human has a right to the basic needs of life such as shelter, electricity and clean running water. To return dignity to those most affected by poverty and homelessness, SoE allocates substantial resources to our housing regeneration work. Many houses are built from flimsy unreliable materials and lack any form of sanitation or regular electricity supply. People living in substandard conditions are more susceptible to developing diseases and illnesses, which if not for the appalling conditions would otherwise be avoidable.

Housing-Before-and-After-3 (1).jpg

Mobile health Clinics

The mobile health clinics provide lifesaving medical care and have become the heart of our service. We help those who face extraordinary social challenges and are unable to access the required medical facilities and services.

Each clinic treats more than 60,000 patients annually and reaches the most isolated and at risk communities including those in remote areas and slums.


Small Business Initiatives

Fundamental to the success of our program of assistance is building self-sustaining, skilled, successful communities. In the short term, we provide much needed guidance, support and help but long term it is essential that these communities become independent and learn to support themselves. It is for this reason that our greatest successes are generated from our small business initiatives. We provide hope of a better life, we help people achieve their full potential and through collaboration, education and upskilling we provide opportunities to people that didn’t exist before.

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