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Millions of people in Egypt and Australia struggle to meet their basic needs every year. At Shepherd of Egypt | Australia, we are dedicated to working with the most vulnerable communities, providing specialized programs that will change the lives of those most in need. Our mission if yo provide Hope, Help & Opportunity!

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Shepherd of Egypt | Australia is committed to fighting poverty and transforming communities. We work to empower individuals and families by providing access to education, healthcare, and other vital resources. Our goal is to create a world where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. A world of Hope, Help & Opportunity.

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Upcoming events
  • Egypt Mission Trip
    Egypt Mission Trip
    Fri, 12 Apr
    Minya Governorate, Egypt
    Minya Governorate, Egypt
    Minya Governorate, Egypt
    Support by being on the frontline. Come to Egypt with the SOE team and assist in building homes, setting up clinics and providing educational support to the disadvantaged in Egypt's hardest places.

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